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Trailhead Tire Deflators 20-40 PSI 4 Pack Red Power Tank

Trailhead Tire Deflators 20-40 PSI 4 Pack Red Power Tank

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Trailhead Tire Deflators 20-40 PSI 4 Pack Red from Power Tank. These are the Best automatic tire deflators on the market. They are made from machined aluminum and then anodized. They are accurate to +/- 1 PSI and are completely rebuildable if they get dirty. I've owned a set for years and had to rebuild them once. We recommend these for up to 35 inch tires.

The reason we give you the option of two different colors in one set is so you can set different tire pressures for front and rear. These can be adjusted to stop at a pressure between 20 and 40 PSI. (5 to 20 PSI also available).

To Clean: Remove top set screw. Remove screw, spring, and seat ball. Spray cleaner (WD-40, brake clean, carb cleaner) through aluminum body to remove any grit and debris. Blow out any excess solvent or oil with high pressure air. Wipe the plastic seat clean with a clean rag. Do not use solvent. Put a light film of Vaseline to the round seat surface and reassemble parts. Readjust the pressure setting. Done.
Hint: When disassembling, count the number of turns to remove the set screw. When reassembling you know how many turns to go in to get it close to where you had it.

  • 20-40 PSI
  • Red
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Sold As 4 Pack