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Traction Jack Adventure Bundle

Traction Jack Adventure Bundle

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**Included in Kit: 2 BLACK Traction Jacks, 2 leash ropes, instructions/replacement warranty information, folding shovel, shovel pouch, and our basic carrying bag**

We decided that it was important to offer our customers a full bundled kit with everything you need to get your Traction Jack kit working for you as soon as you open the box. Once you start using your Traction Jacks, you don’t want to get the interior of your vehicle dirty so we’ve included our storage/carrying bag for this option. Also, it’s difficult to get the Traction Jacks situated without clearing debris first from in front of your tire. The folding shovel included in the bundle is used for just that. It comes with its own carrying bag but it also has a pickaxe attached to it for hacking away at the harder terrain.

This kit is made of a high-quality, colored, poly-composite material that can withstand a rigorous beating and is great to get virtually any size vehicle out of soft sand, snow, mud, etc. Easily stores out of the way under seats or in the trunk. We are the only company in the market that backs you with a full (FREE) replacement warranty.

Do you like to save money?
Do you want to be safe when driving in unfamiliar areas/weather?
Do you value customer service?
Do you like saving time in unfavorable situations?
Do you like knowing your purchase is protected by warranty?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then give Traction Jack a shot. You have nothing to lose!

Products are sent separately, Traction Jacks (pair), Folding Shovel, Storage Bag

Traction Jacon does not process returns; for special cases, there is a charge 35% restocking fee