Tire Pressure Gauge Hands Free 60 PSI 24 Inch Hose Power Tank


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Tire Pressure Gauge Hands Free 60 PSI 24 Inch Hose. Clip-on Pressure gauge with a liquid filled gauge for durability and higher accuracy. The bleed button lets you release pressure. Here is the perfect compliment to a set of Monster Valves.
This pressure gauge (0-60 PSI) features a nice clip-on chuck at the end so you can attach it to your stock valve and monitor your pressure in real time while inflating or deflating through your Monster Valves. Can be used to check the pressure of all kinds of tires. Gauge goes to 60 psi. 24 inch whip hose is the same stuff as our HP-1100 coils and the gauges are accurate to +/- 2 percent at mid point of gauge.

  • Up to 60 PSI
  • Liquid filled gauge
  • 24 Inch whip hose
  • Clip on chuck
  • Hands Free

We highly recommend this item with the Monster Valves and Mini Monsters.