Power Grip Guard Air Tank Handle Power Tank


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Power Grip Guard Air Tank Handle from Power Tank. Our last handle design was a breakthrough for us. It was stronger, better looking and more functional than the previous three versions and was copied by at least three other companies. For 2016 we changed the design to be even more functional with hose holders and a tool holder. The grip design is ergonomic and the powder coat finish is second to none. All hardware is stainless steel. And of course, while others are casting their parts in China we are machining our parts in the USA out of 6061-T6 aluminum. Patent Pending.

The Power Grip Guard is arguably the most important component on your Power Tank as it is designed to protect the SuperFlow regulator and the main valve from damage in the case of an accident and is only available on Power Tanks. Designed to withstand a four foot drop. The Power Grip Guards are guaranteed for life! Great to have on your spare tanks too. Every Power Tank system comes with a the new power grip guard. Fits most CO2, scuba, and other gas cylinders.

  • Aluminum
  • Powdercoat Black