Monster Tire Deflator Valve Kit 2 60 PSI Set of 4 W/Clip On Pressure Gauge Power Tank


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Monster Tire Deflator Valve Kit 2 60 PSI Set of 4 W/Clip On Pressure Gauge from Power Tank. Monster Valve 2's install in a simple 1/2 Inch diameter drilled hole and are just as Fast as the original Monster Valves! These install like a traditional stem with a back nut and rubber washer. If you have your tires off of your wheels this is the perfect time to mount these stems. If your tires are on your wheels you'll just have to unseat one side of your tire so you can stick your hand inside.

These Monsters will deflate a 35 Inch tire 1 PSI every Second?! If you're going to install these time savers you may as well buy them with the clip-on pressure gauge that is included in this kit. The Tire Pressure Gauge clips onto the standard stem giving you two free hands.
Steve found that the easiest way to use his Monster Valves most efficiently was to attach clip-on pressure gauge on his stock valve to monitor his dropping tire pressure so he knows exactly when to close the collar on the Monster Valve, stopping the escaping air flow. And when that needle starts dropping it's dropping fast. Inch The same goes for inflating. The clip-on tire pressure gauge saves time because you know exactly when to stop filling the tire once the desired tire pressure is reached and if you're filling with a Power Tank your inflation speed is about as fast as the deflation speed.

With an 7018 aluminum body and 6061-T6 collar and brass cap the total weight of each valve is a mere 1.1 oz. Due to its material and construction it is 5 times stiffer than a standard metal valve warding off potential breakage.
The Monster Chuck with valve is included.

  • 7018 Aluminum body
  • Clip On Pressure Gauge
  • Aluminum Collar
  • Brass Cap
  • Monster Chuck with Valve
  • Sold as Set of 4