Digital Tire Inflator 150 PSI 2 Foot Braided Hose Clip On Chuck Power Tank


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Digital Tire Inflator 150 PSI 2 Foot Braided Hose Clip On from Chuck Power Tank. PRO Series Digital Gauge, Clip-on Chuck, 24 inch SuperFlex hose whip, 5-150 PSI .5-10.5 Bar pressure range, large numbers, and blue back light for accurate reading at night and in adverse weather conditions. Digital gauge features: 6 times the accuracy of our analog gauge, automatic on, automatic off, shock resistant internals, shock boot, and 3 year warranty on the gauge.

What makes Power Tank Tire Inflators better than others? They are made to withstand higher inlet pressures without leaking as our Power Tanks may push over 300 PSI into them. That means special lube, o-rings, pistons, and gauges.
Cool features of our digital gauges:

  • Accuracy of 1 percent throughout pressure range.
  • Tested under our own drop testing requirement 4 drops at 5 feet and still maintain accuracy.
  • Automatic turn-on when pressure is sensed.
  • Nice blue back light for easy reading in low light.
  • Reads in 4 different scales so it can be read in any country.
  • Uses common AAA batteries.
  • 150 psi max pressure so it can even be used on some shocks for accurate readings.