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Episode 16 - Crappie Corrections & Jeeping

Episode 16 - Crappie Corrections & Jeeping

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In the Outdoor Update, Chuck discusses Senate Bill 3422 and makes a correction to last week's show.
From the Field, Chuck provides a quick rundown of a springtime fish that I love to chase and anyone can catch whether you have a boat or not.
In our On Target segment Instructor One from Ryker USA INC. talks about Everyday Carry (EDC) clothing selection.
In the Rock, Mud, and Dirt Brian interviews YouTuber The Bearded Jeeper
Then we wrap the show up with a Cup of Joe.
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Sea State Coffee
Senate Bill S.3422
Instructor ONE with Ryker USA
The Bearded Jeeper
Grip6 Belt Company
Cooking with Shotgun Red - Clean and Pan Fry Whole Bluegill (Like the good ol' days!)
SABRE – Security Equipment Corporation
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