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Episode 17 - Wash Those Hands

Episode 17 - Wash Those Hands

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In the Outdoor Update, Ethan covers the pro scores and standings from this past weekend's IBO Winter Nationals. In other news the next ASA shoot at ft Benning is rescheduled due to COVID-19. 

From the Field. We retouch late season shed hunting and roll it into a closer look at preseason Turkey scouting. 

In our On Target segment Instructor One from Ryker USA covers Every Day Carry (EDC) part two holster selection.  

 In the Rock, Mud, and Dirt, Brian has some BREAKING NEWS and shares a story about recovering a FEDEX truck.

In the Go Adventure segment, Brian interviews Vets for Hunting and Fishing.

Then we wrap the show up with a Cup of Joe. 

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Instructor One with Ryker USA

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Atlas 46

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