Root One Six Grind Podcast IS LIVE!!!


The Root One Six Grind is almost ready to drop.  Brian & Chuck have been working hard to give you a great Episode One "The Grind". 

With the help of our contributors and guests, we plan to bring you some great segments that will cover people, places, brands, products & knowledge to inspire you to take on a new challenge or elevate your current outdoor activity. 

During the "Outdoors Update" Chuck will talk about anything and everything related to the outdoors. Brian will cover off-roading with the 'In the Dirt, Rock & Mud" segment and firearm experts will cover topics such as mindset, marksmanship, training, everyday carry, and more during our "On Target" segment.  Rifles and handguns will be initially featured during this segment but in the future plan on archery to be covered as well. Then there is our "Cup of Joe" segment where Brian & Chuck talk about some of the show topics of the week or whatever that may come to mind while having a cup of Sea State Coffee.   And that is just the first episode!  

We plan on adding a "Get Adventuring" segment that will be all about Hiking, Camping, Exploration, Overlanding and more. But hey how about hearing about some good hunts?  The future "In the Feild" is a great opportunity not to hear you, your club, or your business.  You can even share with us "the one that got away."  Because you know we have all been there. 

As we begin this podcast our goal is to help spoil our listeners with great content and even some special discounts, prizes, and more. But we will need your help. Ensure to download the Root One Six Grind every week and will be available everywhere podcasts listened. Also, consider becoming a Patreon. For as little of an investment of $1, $5, $10 or $50  a month you will help this podcast to expand and grow. Benefits for each level range from a shout out during the show, connecting with us directly on Discord, to being listed as a show producer with bonus benefits. Go to Patreon today & join us on our podcast adventure! 

Do you have a contribution or idea for our podcast or any of the segments?  Feel free to reach out to us at


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