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The American Off Roader - 4th of July Blog

We here at Root One Six Off Road are proud Americans. We don't allow the noise and drama of the media, disgruntled citizens or all-around negativity affect our love for country and our fellow Americans.

When there are those who complain and whine America is losing itself, or it is lost, I say to them this. Leave the bubble and EXPERIENCE America. Off-roaders are a positive byproduct of the American image. On the trail, off-roaders come from different backgrounds, political, personal and religious beliefs. Each has a rig and setup of choice. But with all those differences off-roaders put all that bullshit aside and focus on the commonalities. Not the differences.

Off-roaders are adventurist. They leave the comfort of their city, suburb or rural town to experience a new place, a new city, a new group of people who will become lifelong friends. They are a good size sprocket in the American economic engine. They are manufacturers, researchers, large and small business owners, and they are consumers. They are guys and girls, married, single, young, old, straight, gay, believers, non-believers, city slickers, country kickers, urban settlers, and hustlers. They are mudders, overlanders, trail and mall crawlers. 

Off-roaders are environmentalist. They take an interest in keeping the trails cleaned and respecting the wildlife. They educate themselves on their own time with their own dime thanks to organizations like Tread Lightly and Stay the Trail. When there is a fellow off-roader in need, it is not hard to find help. A single call on the phone or radio and many will come. After the FIRST request. When there is a cause for someone in need due to illness, a death, financial struggle, a family addition, a disaster, for professional support, off-roaders come together. They give what they can of their time, their money and messaging. The most defining character trait of off-roaders is they live and act as a community.

As the American experiment continues to press on, I ask those who question its direction to look upon the off-road community!   As we come into celebrating another year of American freedom, let's us be grateful for this community and others like it. For they are every bit of what it is to be and act as the community known as America!

Brian Plummer
Root One Six -Original

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