Memorial Day

As I do each year, in honor of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, I share with you links to those I knew and served with. Still to this day, I feel their loss. My promise to them, their families, and to this country is to never forget. As long as I have breath I will share their stories, their legacy, and their spirit. I ask you, to do the same. I also share links to some I may not have known. But their story is just as important. Again, we must never forget. For their sacrifice was not in vain. Regardless of the which war, your politics, or opinions. These men and women our nation has lost, cared for and loved their country. They came from every corner, every background, every color, shape, size, sex, faith, and personal belief. When they put that uniform on, there were three things they care about the most. Defend their county, defend their families and defend those around them. And to this, they did not hesitate. Because of this sense of duty, there are fathers and mothers who are gone. Brothers and Sisters who are gone. Sons and Daughters who are gone. Friends, who are gone. So, as you post your pictures of your weekend, find a story and share it. Tell the stories of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live free. Laugh. Cry. But most of all, honor them with this day of remembrance. Give them a toast and Never Forget!
LtCol Kevin Shea
Maj Ray Mendoza
Maj Doug Zembiec
Maj Alan B. Rowe
SgMaj Joe Ellis
1stSgt Ed Smith
MSgt Brian McAnulty
SSgt Anthony Goodwinn
SSgt Christopher J. Antonik
Women who have given their lives in the service of our country
Other links Medal of Honor Citations
9/11 Living Memorial
And never forget those still unaccounted for

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