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Jeeps, Java & Friends - Sandhills Sentinel Story

Featured Sandhills Sentinel story posted on November 19,  2018 


It was a beautiful Carolina day for the first Jeeps, Java, and Friends event held at Mean Bean Coffee in Whispering Pines. The event brought Jeep enthusiasts together in early November to raise money for the Whispering Pines Fire and Police Departments.

Brian Plummer, of Root One Six, was one of the enthusiasts who came up with the idea of the event. Root One Six held a raffle for off-road gear.

Plummer’s company is a veteran-owned business for off-road enthusiasts and professionals. They bring affordable and reliable 4×4 products to the off-road community.

There were all kinds of Jeeps that were represented, and even a few other varieties of off-road vehicles. The conversations were about off-roading and the latest gear, but it was clear that more things were happening. Strangers were bonding over Jeeps, java, and off-roading. 

The event was so successful, there is talk about carrying on in tradition. In the meantime, stop by Mean Bean Coffee and have a cup of java and check out

Photos by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer, Lauren Goodridge

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