Custom Jeeps Made Easy with Root One Six!

            The Jeep name is one of those classic brands that probably pops into your head first when you think of adventure expeditions and exploring the rough terrain in a sport utility vehicle, and we here at Root One Six are energized by any and all things Jeep related! We exist to help you find the best of the best in replacement parts to keep your Jeep in tip-top shape: and we’ve got the goods you need to create custom Jeeps that speak directly to your explorer’s spirit. There’s literally hundreds of ways to give your Jeep a more personalized look: and you can choose to be as moderate or lavish in your customization as you please.

The Jeep Wrangler is the most often sought-after model for adventure exploring and off-road roaming because of the sheer power that it exudes. We’ve helped countless individuals create unique personas for their Jeeps over the years, whether it be a Wrangler, Jeep CJ, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Dodge, or any other model. Just about any upgrades that you decide to make to the factory body of your Jeep would be an improvement, and these upgrades can allow you to do more and go farther!

Essential Jeep Upgrades to Consider

            Proper lighting is always going to be a major concern for Jeep offroaders: especially those that prefer to get out in the elements once the sun has retreated for the day. The basic Jeep lights that come standard with your ride are more than suitable for everyday use, but we’ve got a variety of light kits that will amplify your lighting game and take you to the next level while you’re traversing rugged urban landscapes in the darkness. One of the simplest lighting upgrades you can invest in is a light bar that’s secured at the bottom corners of the windshield and provides a constant beaming of high-efficiency illumination that can help you see farther into the night. We also offer premium fog, head and tail lights, replacement bulbs, work lighting and many more off-road lighting options as well as lighting guards for a long-lasting look and feel.

            An enhanced braking and suspension system is crucial for the avid off-road adventurer, and you want to make sure that you can adapt and adjust to your surroundings as they quickly change around you. Depending on the intensity you evoke when you’re behind the wheel of your Jeep, having these upgrades will make a huge difference in your handling and control while you’re driving. It’s never a bad idea to soup things up from the basic factory offerings so you can get the most out of your dollars! Upgrading your brakes and suspension systems enhances the performance of your vehicle, and you can expect a better level of control when you decide to invest in these aspects. We offer some of the most well-known, trusted brands, and we’ve got just about every part you could ever need from brake components to replacement steering parts.

            Your vehicle’s shock system is another aspect that you don’t want to overlook when you’re deciding on custom Jeep parts to purchase or upgrade. At the end of the day, a majority of the abuse you put your Jeep through will be absorbed by the shock system: and if you already know that you’re hoping to get into some howling times while you’re at the steering wheel, it would be wise to think long and hard about the best enhancements to make to your shocks.

More to that effect, the most serious Jeep adventurers tend to favor custom lift kits when they’re crawling across new places, and those lift kits can really help smooth the path while you journey along from a more elevated vantage point. When you need a more robust wheel and tire setup to get you through, a custom lift kit will help accommodate the more sizeable load: and it’s a big plus to know that rider comfort doesn’t have to be compromised either! Huge rocks and deep waters are nothing but mole hills once you give your good old Jeep a brand new lift.

More solid, capable tires are a priority for anyone that plans to spend a lot of time out pioneering new and exciting landscapes. Larger tires help you cover more ground and overcome obstacles that stand in your way with ease. Whether it be a 33 inch tire, 37 inch tire, or whatever you're after, we’ve got many different brands and sizes of both tires and rims to meet your specific needs, so it should be easy work to compare options and settle on the best choice. We also offer a variety of distinct tire treads for whichever kind of terrain you find yourself up against most often.

            Do you love the open air feel of the wind in your hair while you’re ripping through the desert or a dense forest? Believe it or not, you can get that extra-tough look if you do-it-yourself with our soft and hard Jeep tops and numerous accessories! Soft doors, cab covers, cargo nets and hardtop trimmings and attachments are just a few of the goods you can purchase from our shop to make your Jeep that much more outdoor adventure-friendly.

            If you’re looking to haul some heavy loads with all of the towing power your Jeep has to offer, we’ve got the Jeep accessory for that. Hitches, mounts, custom bumper setups, and more for you to choose from! You always want to be sure that you’re properly and safely towing every load you move with, and the chains, harnesses and lock pins that will help to keep your precious cargo secure can be found here as well.

You Won’t Go Wrong with Us!

            You can customize a Jeep in so many different ways, and you have to believe us when we say that you’ve got endless options laid out before you. So long as you’ve got an idea to run with, you can create an entirely new look with our Jeep part and Jeep accessory catalog that’s never been seen before with a little creativity. If you’re in the market for some new body stylings, mirrors, custom racks or new doors and mirrors, we’ve got what you need right here. We take pride in our vast selection of Jeep parts and accessories, and making one of those dream custom Jeeps your reality is more possible than you might have thought!


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